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Jaime is about Berks County Real Estate!

My Marketing Plan is proven effective, and diverse!

My approach is centered around the thought that nothing should be left out.

Comprehensive, Multi Platform pricing approach

The absolute best way to determine the value of your home is to get an appraisal, and that would always be my first recommendation. Before that occurs, we can review my multi platform approach to getting your price right. In todays market it seems sellers can name their price. Unless a buyer is paying in cash, without appraisal, this can and often does lead to problems at an inopportune time of the transaction. To protect you from that, I perform not one, not two, but 3 or 4 different pricing analysis so that you can rest assured we have covered all the angles and possibilities. Rest assured you are in great hands! My goal is the best outcome possible.

Tactful negotiation

Negotiating is about understanding motivation and analytics in order to make sure that both parties feel happy. After all, Who wants to feel bitter at settlement ? I use a data driven approach to negotiating, eliminating any “hard feelings” since my offers are not just offers, but are well thought out and supplemented by market data to make the case. I quick to respond to the circumstances and know where to push but also where to yield. I don’t make myself the deciding factor. The last call is always yours to make. 

Guided YouTube Tours

Not common for Berks County, I do personally guided Youtube Videos! This form of marketing is extremely useful and generates high level and high quality engagement! See one below.

Testimonials on my Marketing